About Inergygram

Inergygram is the first app, developed by CMarkits in collaboration with global technology pioneers, which is exclusively focused on communicating global energy analysis, data, news and events coverage published by CMarkits. 

Currently, energy issues continue to play a major role on the World’s stage. From maintaining stable oil markets to achieving climate targets and a global transition to sustainable energy systems, the future of energy is of interest to everyone who lives on this planet. The effective flow of information and knowledge sharing is crucial for a sustainable energy future, and hence, Inergygram uses this fact as a principle to keep its users updated, connected and informed about the latest development in global energy issues. Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 19.18.39
Inergygram classifies its posts by key energy topics including oil, natural gas, carbon capture, climate change, solar, electric mobility, petrochemicals…etc, which makes it the World’s first app of its kind exclusively focused on communicating in-built sustainable energy insight from a technology perspective combined with economic, social and political issues for technical and nontechnical users.
Inergygram also contains a rich library of global energy calendar containing the most important energy events, where and when they will happen which enables its users to stay on track in their energy timetable. 

Using our web link to tradingview, Inergygram also enables its users to track the status of the energy markets with prices of selected key commodities including Crude Oil, Brent and WTI, Natural Gas, Gasoline, Gold, Platinum, Uranium, and biofuels..etc.
Inergygram may be an essential pocket tool for researchers, students, business professionals, bankers, lawyers, leaders, technology pioneers, CEOs, and anyone willing to make informed decisions by being updated about the latest global energy development which has a direct impact on the global economy.
Inergygram will continue to be developed with additional new features to make it a more enjoyable and informative tool. Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 19.19.04
Inergygram is currently available for a free download from Google Play and App Store for Android, Tablet, iPhone and iPad devices in more than 140 countries.