About us

CMarkits was founded in London, UK, in 2017 as a private limited by shares company, registered in England and Wales. We specialise in global energy markets data, analysis, research, and consulting.

Our work focuses on tracking the latest developments in oil markets enabling oil traders to identify investment opportunities, and mitigating risks. With our weekly publication, Oil Markets Weekly, we provide weekly updated market data including supply and demand, OPEC spare capacity, inventories movements forecast and most importantly oil price forecast. We also analyze the impact of global issues affecting the oil industry including energy transition, trade relations, and climate change, shale oil, OPEC+ decisions, and technology-economics-policy interface.

Our data are designed for various types of clients including oil trading firms, exploration and production companies, petrochemical companies, refineries, petroleum ministries, investment banks, and hedge funds. 

Our oil research work is usually quoted by many media outlets including Sky News Arabia, Le Fonti International, Economista, Platts Oil, and others.