UCERGY Insight Goes Live with Le Fonti International

24/12/2018 |


UCERGY Analysts has been hosted in a live TV show by the Italian Business Channel Le Fonti International to share its latest insight on many global issues including oil markets, US oil policy, Brexit, and the future of natural gas.

In a 15-minute lively broadcast discussion from the Italian city of Milan, the company highlighted that the impact of a no-deal Brexit could have a have a stronger impact on the UK financial services compared with the consulting industry while expecting the UK to continue to attract global talents and harness innovation. In the discussion about the oil markets, the company expects that the decrease in oil prices is thought to have originated from non-fundamental factors, with an expected market rebalance in 2019, driven by the implementation of the OPEC cuts, and rising demand to hit 100 million barrels a day. Other discussed issues included the US President’s call for cheap oil prices which may certainly satisfy the US consumers, while higher oil prices will lead to a flourishing US shale oil industry creating more jobs for the American people.


UCERGY CEO, Dr. Y. Alshammari, speaking about the impact of a no-deal Brexit on British Businesses on Le Fonti International, Milan, Dec 2018

Commenting on the interview with Le Fonti, Dr. Y. Alshammari, CEO of UCERGY Analysts, stated that “I think such cooperation between UCERGY and Le Fonti International would enable us to maximise our outreach not only in Europe but throughout the World”. “As a press consulting firm, we strive to keep the World well informed about the latest and most important energy issues, and hence, visual media would be an important element in showcasing our work” Added UCERGY’s Chief.

Le Fonti International is a leading business media provider, based in Milan-Italy, for live streaming television with more than one million viewers in more than 125 countries. It is also famous for the global gathering of the Le Fonti CEO Summit where global prestigious prizes are presented to leaders from industry, media and economy.

The full interview is available on YouTube as given below. 


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