Oil Markets Weekly

Our oil market research publication (Oil Markets Weekly) provides comprehensive market insight while answering the following key questions

  • What factors are driving global oil supply, demand, and price movements? 
  • How can geopolitical factors and new regulations influence oil prices and market trends?
  • At what level might the global oil inventories be at over the next two years?
  • When might the oil markets be at a turning point, and how could that affect investment decisions? 
  • What are the physical differentials of various OPEC and non-OPEC crude grades and what are their expected future prices?
  • What is the potential impact of global oil supplies on price movement and investment decisions?
  • How may prices of international crude benchmarks provide enhanced returns for national crude suppliers? 

Our research provides oil traders; suppliers, consumers, and investors, with just-in-time expert insight and key information necessary while making investment decisions. Our forecast also provides an opportunity for companies to validate their internal forecast with our external specialised forecast.

What’s included 

  • A weekly updated market report covering supply, demand, stock, refining, and price outlook over a two -year time horizon combined with a weekly geopolitical insight. 
  • A weekly updated financial and commodity market trends review including financial indices, metals, fuels, oil majors stocks, time and inter-crude spreads, refining margins, and long-short contracts positions. 
  • Reviewing oil data from key global energy data suppliers including OPEC, IEA and the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). 
  • Periodic market alerts providing expert insight on global oil and energy issues.
  • Direct access to the analyst for clarification purposes via email, phone or webinar.