Privacy Agreement

The Privacy Agreement for using the Website of CMarkits LTD. is presented below through which we are committed to respect and protect the privacy of our Web-users who use our online services. The use of our Website is conditional upon the acceptance of this Privacy Agreement along with our Terms of Use Agreement.
Please note that we reserve the right to amend our Privacy Agreement at any time by posting revisions on this Webpage. If any such changes are made, you will be immediately notified.

1. Your Personal Information:
1.1. CMarkits, or any of its assigned service provider, requests you to provide some personal information when you register to use our Website or subscribe to any of our online products or services.
1.2. The information we ask for include your name, address, email address, business address, password etc. Collection of such information is necessary to enable us to serve our Clients/Web-users.
1.3. We do not accept that you provide information about others unless you are officially authorized to do so and such access will be governed by this Privacy Agreement.
1.4. The information we collect from you will used solely for our business purposes for the benefit our Clients/Web-users through the following key aspects:
a. Providing you with our services and products
b. Establishing a communication with you
c. Enabling us to develop and improve our services/products
d. Maintaining our quality control and providing support for our services/products
e. Updating you with the latest offers and promotions
f. Improving your experience in using our Website
g. Analyzing the usage of Website and Webpages
h. Protecting our interests, rights, safety, and property and monitoring compliance with our Terms of Use Agreement.
i. Running our services, products, and systems properly.
1.4. Your personal information will be retained only for legitimate business purposes and/or legal and regulatory requirements.
1.5. Online payments to our services is provided through a secure external service provider, and we do not have a record of your credit card or bank details, unless you directly provide us with that for an offline subscription. We use any bank or credit card details solely to fulfill your order(s).
1.6. To help us protect your privacy, please maintain the secrecy of the login details.
1.7. You always have the right to access, correct or update your personal information covered by this Privacy Agreement.
1.8. CMarkits may share your personal information with designated service providers for business purposes which may include your use of this Website, and the services provided on this Website.
1.9. You may instruct us at any time not to share your personal information covered by this Privacy Agreement with such external service providers by emailing us.
1.10. CMarkits may also disclose your personal information to external third parties if where such disclosure becomes a necessity for such reasons as:
a. Protecting the interests, rights, safety, or property of CMarkits or others
b. Complying with local laws, regulation, and legal processes
c. Monitoring compliance with and enforcing the terms of use on this Website
d. Providing our services and products (including allowing a buyer/shareholder of CMarkits to continue to serve you)
e. Performing other activities related to our services and products, including billing and collection
f. Troubleshooting and ensuring a proper operation of the system that provides our services and products
1.11. If such disclosure is made, further use of your information will be governed by the third parties’ privacy policies.

2. Use of Cookies and Advertisements:
2.1. CMarkits, or its service providers, may use “cookies” and other information about your use of this Website. This information may include the following:
2.2. The IP address of your computer including your geo-location while accessing this Website
a. The Webpages you visit including the date/time of your visit
b. The links you click and the functions use within this Website
c. The searches you request on this Website
d. The data you save on or download from this Website
e. The number of times you view an advertisement
2.3. CMarkits, and the service providers with whom we work, may use the information collected for various reasons including research, analysis to better serve visitors to this Website.
2.4. Such information may be aggregated, analyzed or combined with your personal data.
2.5. If you are unwilling that we combine your usage information, collected through cookies, with your personal data, then please delete and disable cookies in each browser/device you use to access this Website.
2.6. If you disable cookies or refuse to accept placing a cookie, it would be possible that the polls, surveys, contests, product sales, and certain areas of the Website for which you need to log in, will not function properly.
2.7. CMarkits and its designated service providers, or third-party advertisers may place or recognize unique cookies on your computer, or use other electronic tools in order to help display advertisements.
2.8. Information about your visits to, and activity on this Website including the number of times you have viewed an advertisement, is used in combination with other information, to display on your device advertisements that may be of interest to you.
2.9. The use and collection of your information by third-party service providers, and third-party advertisers, is not covered by this Privacy Agreement.

3. Links to External Websites:
3.1. Throughout this Website, we may provide links to external websites, including social networking websites, on which we have no control, and hence, we are not responsible for any information you may provide while using such websites.
3.2. We, therefore, encourage you to read the privacy statements/policies on those websites before providing any of your information.