CMarkits Insight

CMarkits Insight is the official news and analysis digital journal of CMarkits LTD which provides just-in-time expert insight on global energy news, issues and events with a special focus on the technical aspects. Issues include those with a direct impact on global oil markets such as OPEC affairs, climate change, energy transition, technology intelligence, electric mobility, and geopolitics. Because the energy sector is heavily influenced by the need for understanding technologies, CMarkits bridges the gap between technology and journalism by offering simple and easy-to-understand jargon-free professionally prepared journalistic articles enabling its readers to have a better understanding of the impact global energy issues, policies, and technologies on global businesses.

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CMarkits has been providing news and analysis from major global events including the OPEC ministerial meetings, United Nations energy events, IAEA ministerial conferences, the R20 Climate Summit, and others. In its news coverage, CMarkits provides answers to key questions on the impact of such events, debated issues and outcomes on the energy industry and the global economy.
In our archive, you will have access to important energy conferences summaries, insight and key industry statements. CMarkits also provides frequent statements/comments from global energy leaders whose thoughts and opinions are crucial in shaping the future of the energy industry.
Special merits of CMarkits Insight includes;

  • Daily insight into global energy business including high-level global summits
  • Weekly market insight
  • Statements from key industry figures and subject experts
  • Tracking and reporting the latest development in global energy systems 
  • Articles are easily accessible via the Inergygram app on iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet
  • An editorial board of global expertise of rising energy stars
  • Articles include data, charts, and techno-economic analysis for better decision-making
  • Analysing the impact of policies on business trends and strategies
  • Insight on important meetings before their occurrence with expected outcomes
  • Just-in-time notification of emerging events and their impact on the energy industry
  • Unlocking the technical jargons of the energy industry in easy-to-understand articles
  • Spotting key technological innovation with a potential impact on the energy industry